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Exterior Restorations in New YorkExterior Restoration Services In New York

Are you looking to restore your business to its former beauty? These are all forms of exterior degradation, the ailments that decrease the appearance of your building and quite possibly its health. Expedite Construction is the number one exterior restoration company in all of NYC. Feel free to contact us about any restoration projects you are in need of. All of our services are listed below.

Parapet Wall ConstructionParapet Wall Repair

This area of the wall is located above the roofline of a building. Damage endured by this wall can result in water leaks from the surface. The water will leak down through the wall causing damage across the building. One of the more important results could be the loosening and eventual fall of bricks to the street. In most cases this can be fixed by grinding the wall down and reinsulating it. However, if that doesn’t solve the issue it may be necessary to rebuild a large section of the wall.

Facade Restoration

A damaged façade can cause extreme safety issues for your establishment. Although its rare for a façade to become that faulty it is always a possibility without proper maintenance. In the event of necessary repairs we are highly experienced in this process.

Concrete Work NYCConcrete Restoration

Concrete restoration is a demanding process. In order to complete the job successfully the contractors involved need to have up to date equipment, experience, and pride in their work. Typically older buildings such as churches, libraries, and cathedrals are made of concrete. As a result we have extensive experience in restoring those properties.

Sidewalk Restoration

Sidewalks and walkways are always in need of restoration. This is especially true in case of public sidewalks which are used day after day constantly enduring the pressure of its users.  Restoring these properties is generally easy with concrete because it’s so easy to mold. We can apply new finishes to dull or fading ones, fix/fill cracks scratches or design error, or simply help you make it sturdier.

Whatever issues the exterior of your building or business is facing, Expedite Construction can help wholeheartedly. We take it upon ourselves to serve the people of New York City with a pride they have never seen before. Through our commitment to great service we hope to gain the trust of you and your affiliates. If you are in need of repairs, upgrades, or replacements feel free to call us today.

Masonry Services NYCNew York Masonry Services

What is masonry?

Masonry is defined simply as any construction that is done through the use of stone. Some suspect that the term stems from the Latin word maceria which translates to wall. Those who study, practice or employ the use of masonry are often called stonemasons.  Many monuments and older buildings were constructed by skilled masons such as churches, cathedrals, castles, headstones, and monuments. Masonry also involves the artistic skill of carving designs into stone in order to create a more pleasing appearance. What makes masonry so interesting is that it includes applications of physics, engineering, and construction. These skillsets are combined in order to create not just a beautiful structure but a safe one as well. Stone tends to weigh much more than wood or other building tools which means that incorrect placement could lend to the eventual failure of an establishment.  Although today there is new laser carving technology many stonemasons continue to utilize hammer and chisel carving routines to create pleasing designs. This is just another facet of the high quality experience gained through masonry.

Masonry in nyWhat exactly can you make through masonry?

Expedite Construction is home to the best masons in all of NYC. Our highly experienced masons have crafted retaining walls, concrete sidewalks, driveways, special brick designs, aesthetic chimneys, and basic foundations for homes, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings.  All of these fixtures can be made with bricks, concrete, stone and even mineral compounds. When you approach us with your project our masons will have a look at your property and explore your options with you. This means we will tell you which materials are not only going to look good with your property but will maintain the best over time.

brick workWhat is brickwork?

Through the use of brick a good mason can seriously enhance the quality of appearance of your home or business. We can craft elementary or advanced designs to walls, walkways, driveways, or staircases to add a unique look to your home or business. These designs will add an exciting new feeling to the environment and thankfully we can provide you with a wide range of colors as well.  Brickwork is often

utilized for its design integrity in a world mostly dominated by concrete design. If you are interested in brickwork for your establishment don’t be afraid to call Expedite Construction today.

pointingWhat is Brick Repointing?

This process is sometimes referred to as brick pointing, or brick pointing up. With time brick and mortar foundations may become subject to decay. This decay may inspire the penetration of water and similar to waterproofing this water can cause great damage. During the colder months of the year water that is trapped inside may freeze which can cause the mortar to crack thus significantly decreasing the sturdiness of the brick by brick formation. During this process the original mortar is removed very cautiously and replaced with new mortar coated not to stand out. Small tools are used without machinery and the process is completed by hand. Throughout the process our masons are dedicated to only using the closest possible match for mortar as the original job. It’s important to use mortar similar to the level of quality that existed in the first job to retain uniformity in the whole building. Our masons take factors such as durability, thermal expansion, and permeability into account when assessing your building. If these factors are not carefully considered and matched with an appropriate level of integrity it isn’t impossible for a new layer of mortar to begin pushing out past the brick and leaning off the edge. This is not good as this will cause the mortar to erode faster thus inspiring the need for an additional mortar repair job.  This is why you can trust Expedite Construction for the best masonry services in all of NYC we know about all of the loose ends that can stem from brick repointing and we seek to avoid them at all costs.

stucco services nycStucco Services

Stucco is a type of plaster made from cement which is used in walls, the infrastructure of buildings, and sometimes on the outside as well. In most cases stucco is made of cement, lime, sand, and sometimes water. Stucco is known for its durability, affordable costs, and its lack of maintenance. In most cases stucco will be put over metal, wire mesh, or support structures. It is almost always put over metal because it prevents rusting thus ensuring you a higher quality environment.  Usually, stucco will be put down in three separate coats amounting to over an inch of protection.  The third and final coat is the one in which designs can be carved, or painted on for a beautiful finish. It’s important when creating stucco to maintain the same level of consistency throughout application. This is so that each additional layer melds perfectly with the layer before it. An error in consistency could create a faulty stucco wall.  In hot climates it’s important to shade the stucco so that it can harden at the correct rate. The high intensity temperatures can prevent the stucco from hardening correctly and result in a weaker substance. One of the greatest attributes of stucco is that it can be finished with the natural color of the compound or it can be outfitted with any color’s the customer desires.

Advantages of Stucco

  • looks attractive
  • extreme durability
  • inexpensive
  • fire resistant
  • provides additional insulation
  • can save on energy costs

If you’re in need of a stucco commercial  project,  the professionals at Expedite Construction are more than ready to assist you with affordable rates and low installation times. We know how to coat your establishment to prevent moisture leaks, and peeling. We will use our knowledge of the trade to create a beautiful, state of the art wall for your peace of mind.

  • GAF
  • Celotex
  • Certainteed
  • Durolast
  • Firestone
  • IKO
  • Johns-Manville
  • Karnak
  • Kemper-System
  • Ludowici
  • Sika
  • Siplast
  • Soprema
  • Tamko
  • Texsa

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