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With over 20 years of loyal service to New York City there isn’t a greater team available for all of your construction needs than Expedite Construction. From the ground up our entire work philosophy is based on one word; Integrity. Integrity means living up to your word, maintaining strong relationships with customers, and providing the best work possible. We treat all construction jobs with the same level of enthusiasm whether it’s a small repair or a massive collaboration. On the site you can expect strong cooperation between Expedite Construction and anyone else involved. This may include other contractors, the department of building, inspectors, manufacturers, or anyone else. This teamwork is necessary to achieve the results you dream of.

Our construction teams will always be supervised by a highly experienced site manager. The site manager will be availableconstruction management new york city at all times on site to answer any questions or work out any potential issues which may arise during development. The cohesiveness of our team will lend greatly to the completion date of the project. Our team is highly trained across the board in all forms of construction. This includes but isn’t limited to the repairs, replacement, and installation of roofing systems, stone fixtures, stone buildings, pavement, stucco walls, waterproofing systems, concrete, parapet walls, and walkways.

General Contracting New YorkExpert New York General Contractors

When it comes to general construction we firmly believe it’s important to choose the right contractor. There so many factors to take into account when having a project completed. These factors mostly have to do with safety both of the inhabitants and the building. Are you constructing a building which will hold extremely flammable contents? If that’s the case it would be wise to use fire resistant materials on both the roof and inside the infrastructure to prevent any harm. Is keeping moisture or humidity out important to the comfort of your home? If this is the case it would be wise to consider using materials that keep water out and increase insulation. Are energy costs a major point of contention for your establishment? We can apply specific materials to the roofing system in order to insulate your home better thus saving you on precious energy costs. These are all things considered when you work with a company such as Expedite Construction. Our team leaders are extremely passionate about completing your project on time.  The fact is Expedite Construction aims to create a long lasting relationship with you. Unlike many contractors we won’t cut corners or apply temporary fixes to your work. We do this knowing that the next time you are in need of assistance you will not fret to call anyone but us.

Construction ManagementConstruction Management

Construction management is arguably the most important aspect of construction. Throughout any major project with us you can expect to have routine progress meetings. During these meetings we will reflect on the progress achieved and the best way to go about the next step. Additionally, we will assess any issues being experienced on the project and the options we have for fixing them. Also, this is a valuable time to adjust the estimated completion date, or adjust the pace of the teams involved to better reach that deadline.

construction management company in nycOur management will document just about any changes made on site, progress achieved, materials delivered, and events of each work day and so on and so forth.  On site there will always be supervisors capable of answering any questions or helping with any concerns. The supervisors will reroute the work load to whichever areas are most necessary to be completed first.  However, the most important job our managers have is that of onsite safety concerns. The safety of our employees, other contractors, the owners, inhabitants, and other parties is always the number one concern.  The onsite manager is the go to guy for anything quality assured. The manager is a representative of Expedite Construction and as a result is in charge of providing the highest quality workmanship and teamwork possible.

Special Riggers

Expedite Construction proudly utilizes the best special riggers in New York City. The special rigging licenses are very difficult to obtain. Only a true expert will be capable of getting one.  If your project requires special rigger’s Expedite Construction is more than capable of helping you out.

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